OEM vs Aftermarket Windshield: Which one should you go with?

Windshield replacement is not an uncommon thing at all. Be it poor installation of windshield, or windshield getting damaged due to collision, you need to replace your windshield.

However, OEM & Aftermarket Windshield often confuse people. Though both of them are equally preferred, several car owners scratch their heads when it comes to selecting any one of them. And the reasons that confuse people are completely valid.

Our Windshield Replacement Ottawa team gives you an insight into OEM & Aftermarket windshield and thus helping you select any one of them.

Insights into OEM Windshield Type

OEM vs Aftermarket Windshield - Auto Glass Replacement Ottawa Original Equipment Manufacturer, also well-known as OEM is the type of windshield that is produced by the manufacturer used by the car maker themselves.

Thus, with OEM, the new windshield and the previous windshield quality will be the same. OEM gives you a sense of mental peace as you know the quality of the windshield that you are going to install.

Next, how do you recognize the OEM Auto Glass? The authentic OEM windshield comes with a logo of the brand or a company that has manufactured the windshield.

You can also compare the aspects like the thickness of the windshield, but you tend to get confused if you are not an expert. Logo of the company works fine in a majority of the cases.

When it comes to pricing, the OEM Windshield is a bit more expensive as compared to aftermarket windshield. Even most insurance companies are a bit tough to deal with when it comes to OEM windshield replacement as it is a bit expensive.

Insights into Aftermarket Windshield

The aftermarket windshield type is the windshield that is manufactured by the company other than the original manufacturer. Some manufacturing components might be the same as your previous windshield, while others won’t.

Some aftermarket windshields are of high-quality if they are produced by the companies having a collaboration with the car maker company. Thus, even if you decide to go with the aftermarket windshield, it is important for you to check the windshield manufacturing company.

OEM & Aftermarket Windshield: The Comparison

Check out the factors you need to consider when you are pondering on choosing any one of these options.

1) Peace of mind: If the peace of mind regarding the quality is crucial to you, OEM windshield is your answer. This is because you already know the windshield quality as you have used it before.

2) Cost: OEM windshield is usually more costly as compared to aftermarket windshield. There is a possibility that the insurance doesn’t cover the entire cost of the OEM windshield. If your budget is a bit tight, an aftermarket windshield is an option to go with.

3) Safety: OEM windshield is guaranteed to meet the safety standards of the windshield. Thus, once you invest in it, your safety while you are driving is guaranteed. However, it by no means implies that the aftermarket windshield doesn’t meet the safety standards. It’s just that there are always slight chances of compromised safety.

4) Variety available: With aftermarket windshield type, you get a variety of options. Thus, no matter what the vehicle model is, an aftermarket windshield will be available to you.

On the other hand, not every OEM windshield is readily available in the market. Thus, you might have to wait for some time before your car gets a new windshield installed.

5) Car’s value: OEM windshield type is crafted with utmost precision which will maintain your car’s windshield for a good time period. Thus, if the resale value is in your mind, an OEM car windshield is your definite answer.

So, what’s the conclusion here? Various experts in this field have different opinions about what windshield type one should go with. Our answer: if safety, and quality is your concern, go with OEM. If budget is your constraint, an aftermarket windshield type isn’t a bad choice either.

If you have figured-out what is the windshield type that you wish to install, and are looking for a reliable service provider, Auto Glass Replacement experts in Ottawa is your answer. Our team is eager to provide you with quick and prompt services. To connect with our team, do call us at 613-234-9111.

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