Everything you need to know about car windshield insurance in Ottawa

Damage to a car’s windshield comes with a fear of car shattering and some serious accident fears. Thus, you need to get it repaired or replaced on an immediate basis. As our Windshield Repair Ottawa team says, “Delaying your windshield repair implies playing with your life”.

Windshield Repair or Replacement cost might be another factor popping up in your mind when it gets damaged. But, this is where your car windshield insurance comes into the picture.

Firstly, what is car windshield insurance? You might have noticed that windshield repair or replacement is a bit expensive. However, if your car windshield is insured, the cost of the repair or replacement might subside to a good extent and thus saving a considerable amount of dollars for you.

Does Insurance Cover Windshield Replacement?

This is the first question that pops into a person’s mind when they think about getting their windshield replaced. You might be delighted to know that the answer to this question is affirmative.

If you have comprehensive car windshield insurance, you can get your car’s windshield replaced. You can also utilize insurance if you need to replace your car windshield in the case of a tree falling on it, or if your car windshield is vandalized.

Thus, if you need to replace your car windshield and if you have comprehensive insurance for the same, you need not worry at all. You can use this insurance to ensure that you need not trouble your pocket a lot.

Does Car Windshield Insurance Cover Chip Repair?

Yes. When it comes to windshield chip repair, you can get it done without paying any deductible. However, even if you need to pay any deductible, it is always affordable in most cases. The cost of the windshield chip repair entirely depends on the extent of damage and your vehicle.

Does Car Windshield Insurance Cover Windshield Cracks & Scratches?

It depends on the way in which your windshield has acquired crack. If the damage has occurred due to a rock, and if your windshield is insured under auto glass protection, you won’t have to pay deductibles.

For scratches, yes, if you have additional protection. Thus, you need not worry about car scratches if you have additional protection for your car.

How to Claim Insurance for Windshield Repair/Replacement?

Everything about car windshield insurance in Ottawa

Have insurance for your car’s windshield? Great. But how do you claim it? Below we list the steps to claim it below. Check them out.

  1. Firstly, if your car windshield is damaged, bring your vehicle to us.
  2. Show your car windshield insurance certificate to us. We will do certain calculations, consider some aspects, and if all goes well, you won’t be paying, or you will be paying a deductible to get your windshield fixed.
  3. Once all the formalities are over, we will initiate fixing your car windshield. You can take your car alongside you once we are done with repairing your car windshield.

Do I Need to Worry About Timeframe to file Claims?

No. There are no timeframe restrictions at all. However, when you claim your insurance for the first time, it won’t affect your insurance policy premium.

However, if multiple claims are made in a short duration, chances are there that the company would raise your insurance premium which might trouble your pocket a bit.

Thus, it’s necessary that you play a bit smart while filing your insurance claims. The smarter you play, the more pocket-friendly the entire insurance claim process will be for you.

How do I Handle Claims?

This is another major question that most car-owners whose windshield is damaged come across.

The answer to this question depends on the company you select to take services from. Like at our premises, our Windshield Repair Ottawa experts will take care of your claims and thus you need not worry about any legal formalities at all.

Regarding the process, you can ask the service provider for the details. The process varies a bit at every service provider’s premises. If the dent or crack is small, the claim filing process will be straightforward, but for windshield replacement, the process might vary a bit.

We hope that these insights would help you to get clarity on several aspects of your car windshield. It is necessary that you get your windshield covered as repair, or replaced, it will benefit both.

Rest, if your car windshield requires attention, and if you are looking for a reliable company who can give you quality services along with a hassle-free insurance process, our Auto Glass Repair experts in Ottawa are your answer.

To connect with our team, call us at 613-234-9111. Our team will be prompt with understanding the damage and ensure that you get the best solution for your windshield.

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