Auto Glass Ottawa is committed to providing superior quality products, installations and customer satisfaction. We are also committed to provide original OEM manufacturer quality and to prove this we offer a lifetime warranty for workmanship and leakage.

Your auto glass and windshield repair experience starts with our experienced customer service representative, who will guide you and answer all your questions and then schedule your appointment. Allow us to put our 15+ years of experience in auto glass repair to use.

To assure you with our services we guarantee your 100% satisfaction and life time warranty against leaks or air noises when it comes to the safety and work done to your vehicle.

We save you the headache and walk you through the insurance claims filing process. We will also pay a portion of your deductible depending on your insurance provider, deductible amount & vehicle.

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Windshield Replacement Ottawa

Driving around with a cracked or chipped windshield can significantly reduce visibility, making safe driving difficult. Hence, it can increase the chances of accidents, sometimes fatal, while you are driving.

At Auto Glass Ottawa, we provide same-day windshield replacement in Ottawa. We also offer mobile service to your home or office.

Contact Auto Glass Ottawa, a leading windshield replacement Ottawa shop, to handle your windshield replacement.

Why You Should Not Neglect Windshield Replacement?

Neglecting windshield replacement in Ottawa can have significant consequences that should not be ignored:

  • Safety Hazard: A damaged windshield can compromise your safety on the road. It obstructs your view, making it difficult to see clearly and react to potential hazards. In the event of an accident, a weakened windshield may not provide the necessary structural support, increasing the risk of injury.
  • Legal Consequences: Driving with a cracked or chipped windshield can lead to legal trouble. Law enforcement may issue fines or citations for impaired visibility, and your vehicle might fail safety inspections, resulting in further legal complications.
  • Insurance Implications: Neglecting windshield damage may affect your insurance coverage. Some policies may not cover accidents resulting from pre-existing windshield damage, leaving you responsible for repair or replacement costs.
  • Cost-Efficiency: Repairing a minor chip or crack is generally more cost-effective than a windshield replacement. Ignoring small issues can lead to the need for a complete replacement, which is not only more expensive but may also require more time and effort.
  • Resale Value: If you plan to sell your vehicle in Ottawa, a damaged windshield can decrease its resale value. Prospective buyers may use it as a negotiating point, potentially reducing the selling price of your car.
  • Aesthetics: A cracked or chipped windshield can mar the appearance of your vehicle. Maintaining a clear, unobstructed windshield enhances the overall aesthetics of your car.

In summary, neglecting windshield replacement in Ottawa can jeopardize your safety, lead to legal and insurance issues, cost you more in the long run, diminish your vehicle’s value, and affect its appearance. It’s crucial to address windshield damage promptly to avoid these problems and ensure safe and responsible driving.

Costs involved in Windshield Replacement

If you have comprehensive auto insurance coverage, your windshield replacement cost will be paid by your insurance. This is another reason to replace your windshield without procrastination. All you have to bear is the deductible. Auto Glass Ottawa will waive a portion of your deductible depending on your insurance & vehicle.

Regardless of who is footing the bill, you should choose a reputed, experienced, and reliable auto glass repair and replacement company to ensure quality work. Thankfully, when you hire Auto Glass Ottawa, you can expect the best quality auto glass repair. We will also help you file the insurance claim to make it a hassle-free process.

Why Choose Auto Glass Ottawa?

Certified Technicians

Auto Glass Repair & Replacement

Door, Vent Glass Replacement

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

Warranty Against Leaks or Air Noises

100% Free Mobile Services

Same Day Auto Glass Repair

Deal with all Insurance Companies

We use only Top Quality Glass & Adhesives

Lifetime Warranty

Top Rated Customer Reviews

  • Amazing service ! I travelled from Toronto and had to get my windshield replace. This is the place to go! They provide excellent service and quality! Highly recommended!

    rami slewa Avatar rami slewa

    I couldn't be happier with my experience at Auto Glass Ottawa. Fast and excellent customer service at your door. Highly recommend to anyone whose looking to get their windshield replaced/repaired.

    Shady Gebara Avatar Shady Gebara

    Best auto glass company! Service was great and professional! Very happy with the work they did! Would def recommend if you have any auto glass issues!

    Taha khaleyi Avatar Taha khaleyi

    Takes the time to make sure everything is perfect and client is happy

    hassan ali Avatar hassan ali
  • I have a tight schedule and needed my windshield replaced. I contacted Mario at Auto Glass Ottawa early in the morning. He had a mobile service come to my home... Read More

    Rob Groves Avatar Rob Groves

    Auto Glass Ottawa (Mario) and his amazing team were amazing. Great customer service, great communication, no hidden fees, a job well done. Thank you so much, and I highly... Read More

    Ray Estiphan Avatar Ray Estiphan

    Oh man, what a find. Needed my windshield replaced. And they took me right away. Very friendly staff. Great price. Other customers said the same thing to me while I... Read More

    Randy Lovell Avatar Randy Lovell

    HIGHLY RECOMMEND! Best price and service in the area. Excellent job the best quality in the market.

    Jessica G Avatar Jessica G
  • Excellent service, they know how to take care of their customers.

    Chantal Hanna Avatar Chantal Hanna

    Best in vorld

    fawaz ishak Avatar fawaz ishak

    They are very fast! From making an appointment with me, to actually replacing my windshield, the experience was very smooth.

    Dannyk Payment Avatar Dannyk Payment

    Top notch company amazing price and service for my windshield replacement

    Yobert Kando Avatar Yobert Kando
  • This company took me in last minute and replaced my windshield and handled all the insurance very quickly , very happy with the service we received

    George E Avatar George E

    Auto glass helped me replace my car window within hours, I am so happy with this company . They answered my phone right away and didn’t make me wait... Read More

    Sherrin H Avatar Sherrin H

    I have had my rear window and windshield replaced by Auto Glass Ottawa. They're service is exceptional; prompt and professional. Mario and installer were accommodating and quickly got me back... Read More

    Amy Gutz Avatar Amy Gutz

    Fast, friendly, very professional.

    Nelson Alvarenga Avatar Nelson Alvarenga
  • Had a windshield installed for my Hyundai Veloster N and was great customer service, efficient, and well done. 5/5 stars. Would recommend anyone in need of glass replacement go to... Read More

    Connor Maciborka Avatar Connor Maciborka

    I was travelling out of town when a big rock hit the windshield, needed replacement, phoned around and not only were they one of the best prices they were able... Read More

    Lena Biase Avatar Lena Biase

    Excellent quick service, definitely recommend

    David Gustavo Avatar David Gustavo

    I called Mario at the end of December 2022 to have the broken rear window in my Tucson replaced. He was able to fit me in the next day for... Read More

    John O'Meara Avatar John O'Meara
  • The Auto Glass Ottawa team quickly accommodated me, after a late night online chat, my vehicle was in their shop the very next day. After the installation, some adjustments were... Read More

    Idrees Ali Avatar Idrees Ali

    What a great facility. Quick easy and professional! Would recommend 10/10.

    Milz H Avatar Milz H

    Quick and Efficient service. They came right to our door and did the work. Would highly recommend them!

    David Coyle Avatar David Coyle

    Got my glass repaired from here. They’re extremely professional and know exactly what they’re doing. Would definitely recommend to anyone that’s fixing their windshield to come here. The service was... Read More

    Aya Yako Avatar Aya Yako
  • The best place ever good people good service I love coming here me and my family support this business

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    I would highly recommend this company, the service was great, fast & efficient. Mario answered all my questions, walked me through the service and provided me excellent customer service from... Read More

    Nicole Correia Hanna Avatar Nicole Correia Hanna

    Had amazing experiences everything went well. It took less time then I thought

    John Smith Avatar John Smith
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