Auto Glass Ottawa Specializes in auto glass and windshield replacement and chip repairs. We have been providing service in Ottawa and Gatineau, bringing the best glass facility by continuing to be the number 1 choice of customers.

Auto Glass Ottawa is one of the most preferred independently-owned automobile glass replacement and repair companies in the industry. We service all of Ottawa and the Gatineau area and surroundings. We also carry a complete line of auto glass repair and replacement services for all years, makes and models, foreign and domestic, commercial or passenger vehicles. Call us today for more information: 613-234-9111.

Your safety is important to us

Did you know automotive glass plays a critical role in the structural integrity of your vehicle? Or in the event of a rollover your windshield is what supports the roof and prevents it from crushing you? If your windshield is cracked or improperly installed it can quickly weaken or “pop out” when the passenger side airbag deploys during a collision, thus making the airbag unsafe and incapable of protecting the occupants.

Today vehicle manufacturers are designing automobiles with more glass than ever. That’s why the importance of a safe installation and adhering to the Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards could save your life.

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Our Mission

Auto Glass Ottawa's Commitment to You is

  • We Will Replace Your Windshield to Manufacturers’ Safety Standards
  • We Use Only Top-Quality Tested Materials
  • We Guarantee Our Windshields Against All Manufacturing Defects
  • We Guarantee Your Windshield Installation Against Any Leakage
  • We Provide Best Prices
  • We Will Cover Your Deductibles

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