Different types of windshield cracks

A windshield crack is obviously an unpleasant thing. A minor crack if not taken care of would widen and increase the expenses for you. Thus, a windshield repair should never be taken lightly or delayed.

You might be interested to know the types of windshield cracks. It will give you some idea about the damage extent, and the if you can give yourself some liberty in terms of the timeframe for getting the windshield repaired. Thus, our windshield chip repair Ottawa team is here with this blog.

Different Types Of Windshield Cracks

Check out the different types of windshield crack types below.

Different types of windshield crack - windshield repair Ottawa

1) Bull’s eye crack: When a certain portion of your glass is missing from your car’s windshield, it is termed bull’s eye crack. This crack type is most repairable. However, if left untreated the extent of damage could keep on increasing and could lead you to windshield replacement.

The usual causes of this windshield defect include the rock or any other heavy object hitting your car’s windshield. Bull’s eye crack is spherical in shape.

2) Half-moon crack: A half-moon crack is almost similar to a bull’s eye crack. However, the difference is that the half-moon crack is not spherical.

In most cases, the damage is caused by the blunt object. Half-moon crack is always easy to get repaired. However, the timeframe within which you take action is an important thing here.

3) Surface pit crack: A small chip in the glass that doesn’t reach the middle of the plastic layer is termed surface pit crack. It is the most insignificant crack type, but it gradually keeps on widening with time. It’s okay if you aren’t able to get your windshield repaired on an immediate basis, but don’t delay it too much.

This crack widening might allow the debris to come in which might lead you to the windshield replacement. Thus, even if you notice any neglectable crack on your car’s windshield, it’s always wise to reach out to the windshield crack repair Ottawa team now.

4) Star break: As the name implies, the windshield crack in the shape of a star is termed star break.

Star breaks usually seem insignificant initially but take very little time to open up. The result of the sharp object hitting your windshield is usually a star break. This crack type grows outwards, so demands immediate attention & action from your side.

5) Long crack: In simple words, the windshield cracks having a length of 15 cm, or more is termed long crack. As the name implies, this crack type is the most difficult one to repair and it often leads a car owner to windshield replacement.

Long crack usually comes into the picture when the car owner neglects the minor cracks, or when the extent of damage is too much to handle for a car windshield.

If you notice a long crack on your car’s windshield, you must take your car to the professional on an immediate basis. In fact, we highly advise you to use mobile services, as driving a car with a long crack on the windshield is extremely dangerous.

6) Stress crack: The most common cause of this crack type is a sudden change in temperature. Sudden changes in temperature exert pressure on your car’s windshield while results in a stress crack.

Stress crack cannot be felt using fingers as it’s an internal crack. The stress crack is usually repairable, but if this crack type starts from the edge, it is a bit difficult to repair.

7) Windshield chip: Some portion of the car’s windshield missing without any crack surrounding it is termed chip. If you notice a chip on the windshield, it’s important to get it repaired without any delay.

8) Stone break: When you leave a windshield chip unattended, it gives birth to the stone break. This is a serious concern, for both, your life & safety. If you notice a stone break on your car’s windshield, avoid driving your car at all until the damage gets repaired.

These are some major types of car windshield cracks you must know. If you notice any of these cracks on your car’s windshield, do reach out to Auto Glass Repair experts in Ottawa. We will be quick to analyze the crack type, and the damage extent, and thus provide you with subtle guidance and services. Connect with our team by calling us at 613-234-9111.

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