Different types of windshield glass

When driving, safety has to be your priority. The windshield is one part of a car that plays an important role in ensuring your safety while you drive. Hence, no matter what, windshields can never be compromised.

It is important for the car owners to know different types of windshield glass to ensure that the glass used on their windshield is up to the mark, and of standard quality. Our windshield replacement Ottawa team explains the different types of windshield glass further on.

What are the different types of windshield glass?

Check out the different types of glasses used on the windshield below.

Types of Windshield Glass - Windshield Replacement Ottawa1) Laminated glass: Nothing is more reliable than laminated glass when it comes to boosting the fuel efficiency of the car. Laminated glass plays an important role in terms of not allowing your car to heat up rapidly and hence allowing the cooling system to work with more efficiency.

Along with improving the fuel efficiency of the car, laminated glass is actually strong and extremely difficult to break, which gives your car a strong protective layer.

Additionally, it reduces the noise that enables the passengers a safe and peaceful drive. It gives the passengers another strong reason to go with this glass form and ensures that your drive is extremely peaceful.

The material used in the preparation of the laminated glass is the thin sheet of poly-vinyl butyral. These sheets can withstand high heat and pressure, which makes them a preferable choice in terms of laminated glass preparation.

2) Solar glass: Driving during summers is always frustrating. However, you can count on solar glass to make things easy for you to a considerable extent.

Solar glass is one of the most important developments that has really made it easy for car drivers to bear the scorching heat of summers.

Solar glass doesn’t allow harmful UV radiation to enter your car. The coating applied on this glass plays a decisive role in terms of preventing these radiations from entering. Solar glass improves the insulation of your car, which allows the cooling system of your car to work with more efficiency.

Hence, if excessive heat always makes your drive difficult, you can count on the solar glass to transform the same into a peaceful one.

3) Tempered glass: Tempered glass ensures that your windshield doesn’t get shattered. The incorporation of a large number of safety features ensures that tempered glass can be used for multiple applications.

The tempered glass is heated up to a certain temperature and then cooled rapidly. It eventually causes the glass to contract & expand and hence strengthens the outer layer of the car.

Yes, tempered glass is meant to ensure that windshield doesn’t get shattered, but when it gets broken, repair work is not possible. Glass replacement is the only solution with the tempered glass.

Hence, if you are looking to get the tempered glass installed, our windshield replacement Ottawa experts highly recommend that you keep the repair & replacement aspect in your mind.

These are some of the most popular windshield glass options that you can select from. You need to stay clear with your requirements and ensure that you select the glass that matches the OEM standards.

If you desire to get more information about the above-explained glasses, or if you have selected glass and desire to install it, you can count on the windshield repair Ottawa team of Auto Glass Ottawa. Our team of experts ensures that your car simply gets the best, and in no time. To connect with our top-rated windshield repair & replacement experts, reach out to us at 613-234-9111.

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