How do you care for your windshield after replacement?

When you get your windshield replaced, there are certain things that you need to keep in mind that it stays in the best form for a longer timeframe.

However, numerous car owners aren’t aware of these tips, which often leads their windshield to get damaged in a very shorter timeframe, which eventually means the overall failure of the windshield replacement.

Hence, if you are looking to get your windshield replaced, and if you don’t know how you care for it to maintain the long lifespan of your windshield, just go through this blog.

Tips to care for your car’s windshield after a replacement

Checkout some of the most important tips to care for your car’s windshield after a replacement below.

Windshield Care After Replacement - Windshield Repair Ottawa1) Avoid driving your car immediately after you get it replaced: You must know that the adhesive glue used on your car requires some time to get settled. Hence, driving the same immediately after you get it replaced is never recommended.

Make sure that you give this glue at least an hour to get settled. And the only way to do this is to ensure that you don’t drive your car for at least an hour.

Hence, the first and the most important windshield replacement aftercare tip; avoid immediate driving at all.

2) Strict no to rough driving: No matter what, you must always stay away from rough driving. However, let’s discuss windshield replacement here.

Rough driving exerts unnecessary pressure on your car, which eventually causes it to break away, and that too in a very shorter lifespan.

Hence, for your windshield’s safety, and more importantly, for your own safety, ensure that you stay away from rash driving.

3) No immediate car washing: Car washing again would exert unnecessary pressure on your car, and hence, would reduce its lifespan.

What an immediate car wash does is weaken the adhesive glue, and hence increase the chances of your car’s windshield getting shattered away. Yet, if it is mandatory for you to wash your car for any reason, we advise that you use mild soaps and detergents and stay extremely gentle with the car wash.

However, we highly advise that if it’s not mandatory, just stay away from the immediate car wash at all.

4) Keep the retention tape as it is: Retention tape might not allow your car to look so attractive, but it’s absolutely necessary that you keep it as it is for at least 24 hours after the windshield gets replaced.

Why? Well, retention tape doesn’t allow the dust particles and debris to get settled on your car. These particles can be really dangerous, specifically, when we talk about windshield replacement.

Dust particles and debris reduce the strength of the adhesive glue, which is a major setback. As retention tape keeps them away, the strength of the glue will be maintained, which necessitates the presence of the same on your newly replaced windshield.

5) Avoid resting things on the glass: Make sure that you don’t place anything on the top of your new glass for at least 48 hours after you get the windshield replaced. Resting things on the glass will exert pressure on your car’s windshield, hence increasing the chances of it getting shattered.

Hence, the next important tip to maintain your car’s windshield after replacement; ensure that you don’t rest things on the glass for at least a couple of days.

Your windshield demands some special care after getting replaced and keeping the above tips in your mind will make it easy for you.

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