How to enhance the lifespan of Your car's windshield?

The car’s windshield is definitely one of the most important parts of the car. Anything happens to your car’s windshield, and your safety is compromised. It’s always better to get it repaired before things get worse. But, is there any way to boost the lifespan of your car’s windshield? Yes. Our windshield replacement Ottawa team explains the ways to do so.

Top ways to increase the lifespan of the car’s windshield

Check out some of the best and the most reliable ways to increase the lifespan of the car’s windshield below.

Enhance the lifespan of the car's windshield - windshield repair Ottawa

1) Never slam the car doors: The first and the most important tip to increase the lifespan of your car’s windshield is that be gentle with the door.

Slamming the car doors implies imparting vibrations on your car windshield, which ultimately weakens your car’s windshield and ultimately causes it to shatter.

Thus, if slamming the car doors is your habit, ensure that you get rid of it from today itself.

2) Park your cars indoors or in the shade: The exposure of the car’s windshield to direct sunlight for a prolonged timeframe imparts a severe adverse impact on it.

The sunlight imparts stress on the car’s windshield, which might cause it to get cracked. Thus, it’s always wise to park your car in the shade.

Also, you must avoid parking your car under a tree, specifically in stormy weather. If due to the storm, a branch falls down from the tree, it might damage your windshield by getting it chipped or cracked.

3) Never ignore the windshield damages: Your windshield deserves to get all your love and no negligence at all. As much as your windshield protects you, it’s your role to ensure that no matter how minor, you don’t ignore the windshield damage.

As soon as you notice damage on your car’s windshield, get it repaired. Ignoring this damage would only increase it, which won’t only compromise your safety, but also increase your expenses.

Thus, our windshield repair Ottawa team highly recommends getting the windshield repaired as soon as you notice any damage on it.

4) Keep the car’s windshield clean: If you desire to keep your windshield in the best form for a long time, it has to be clean, period. Not only to ensure the rigidity of the windshield but to ensure good hygiene for yourself, a clean windshield is of the utmost importance.

Remember, a dirty windshield might also affect the working of the wiper blades, which ultimately implies compromising your safety.

5) Select & use the right cleaning materials: While choosing the cleaning materials for your car’s windshield, it’s essential that you don’t get tempted with using cheap and household cleaning materials.

These materials might make things worse for your car’s windshield, let alone cleaning it. Investing a few bucks in selecting the best cleaning materials for your car’s windshield is absolutely worth it.

Also, it is a loud and big NO to toxic chemicals when it comes to cleaning the windshield. Toxic chemicals might destroy your windshield.

These are some of the most concrete and reliable tips to enhance the lifespan of your car’s windshield. As mentioned, your car windshield is the most crucial part of your car, and it deserves your attention.

Keep the above tips in your mind, implement them, and see your windshield doing a commendable job for you for a longer timeframe.

Rest, even if your windshield requires a repair or replacement, you can count on Auto Glass Ottawa to do either of them efficiently.

Our experienced windshield replacement Ottawa team can get your windshield fixed in no time and with the utmost efficiency. With us, you get the most hassle-free and convenient services. To get your windshield repaired by our experts, do connect with us at the contact number 613-234-9111.

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