How do you stop the windshield crack from spreading?

A small crack on your windshield is capable to ruin your day. Not only it comes with visual hindrance, but a damaged windshield is also dangerous for your life. There are some immediate measures that you need to take to ensure that a minor crack doesn’t expand and thus shatter the entire windshield. Also, an expansion in this minor crack will mean windshield replacement which will increase your expense. If your car windshield isn’t in the best working condition, do reach out to our efficient Auto Glass Repair specialists in Ottawa.

Thus, whenever your car windshield gets damaged, be quick, & take some immediate measures to ensure that the crack doesn’t widen up. Now, what these measures are? You are about to find out these measures in this article. Just keep reading!

Preventing windshield crack from spreading & getting it repaired rather than replaced

Check out the measures you need to take immediately after your windshield gets damaged below.

  1. stop the windshield crack from spreadingNo Sudden Temperature Changes Until Repair: Firstly, you must know that sudden temperature changes will affect your damaged car windshield which will expand the same. Thus, from now, until and unless your car windshield gets repaired, avoid exposing your car to sudden temperature changes at all. Remember, sudden temperature changes will force you to get your windshield replaced as it expands windshield cracks.
  2. Use Glue or Nail Polish: Firstly, clean the windshield gently by using soft tissues. Again, please be gentle while cleaning the windshield. Then, fill the windshield cracks with super glue or nail polish. However, it is only a temporary solution. You will have to get it repaired by professionals for a permanent solution. As our Windshield Repair Ottawa team suggests, be quick to apply glue and then don’t waste a minute before visiting professionals to get the crack repaired.
  3. Schedule Windshield Repair on Immediate Basis: Any delay in Windshield Repair will purely mean that you are in for increased expenses. Windshield replacement always costs higher as compared to Windshield Repair. Thus, as soon as you notice a crack on your windshield, no matter how much small is, please don’t delay getting it repaired at all.
  4. Try to Drive Slow: Driving slowly is a mandatory thing after your windshield gets damaged and until it’s repaired. Driving fast will only make things worse for you. Thus, be a bit gentle with your car, drive slowly and ensure that your windshield crack doesn’t expand.
  5. Try to Park Car in the Shade: Avoiding car exposure to direct sunlight is essential. Sunlight expands your crack. So, less exposure of your car to direct sunlight is essential. Try to park it in the shade so that cracks don’t get opened up and things stay in control.
  6. Using a Windshield Repair Kit: Windshield Repair kits are available at any hardware store. It’s always advisable to keep a windshield repair kit ready. It will be of extreme use as and when the need arises. However, you must know how to use the kit. You will find the usage guide with the kit. Read the same carefully, so that you can do the things all by yourself.
  7. Tape the Damage: The biggest fear for a damaged car windshield is the dust particles. These particles acquire the cracked windshield and eventually cause the same to expand. Thus, ensure that you tape the damage, so the dust particles don’t acquire the crack and thus don’t widens it.

These tips will surely help you out to ensure that the minor crack in the windshield chip is always minor and doesn’t lead you to increased expenses in the form of a windshield replacement.

However, as our Auto Glass Repair Ottawa professionals advise, you shouldn’t waste any time before you reach out to the experts and get the damage repaired. Even a small delay is sufficient to invite a disaster for you as a damaged windshield purely means hindered visibility. Alongside it, you must be a bit careful while selecting the windshield repair service provider, as the work quality can’t be compromised at all.

If you aren’t able to select a reliable windshield reliable service provider, do connect with our Windshield Repair specialists in Ottawa by using the contact number 613-234-9111. Our team will carefully go through the damage and provide you reliable windshield repair services.

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