Everything you need to know about car windshield insurance in Ottawa

The importance of a car’s windshield cannot be stressed enough. It is the windshield that protects your car from getting shattered. Your car’s condition is at severe risk if your car’s windshield isn’t in the best condition. But, what if your car’s windshield replacement or say installation didn’t take place efficiently?

Confused? Well, you must know that inefficient car’s windshield installation is a primary reason for the windshield requiring attention after a very short timeframe. Also, detecting inefficient windshield installation is always a daunting task.

Thus, it’s necessary to get your windshield fixed immediately if you detect any defect in the windshield installation. But, how do you detect the defect? This article answers the question.

Signs of a poor windshield installation

We list the top signs of a poor windshield installation. Check them out below.

5 major signs of a poor windshield installation1) Windshield making disturbing noises: Windshields usually don’t make any sort of noises. However, if you listen to some weird noises from the windshield in the windy weather, at a high speed, or while taking a sharp U-turn, the chances are there that the windshield isn’t efficiently fixed.

If you listen to any strange and disturbing noises from the windshield, don’t waste a moment before visiting our Windshield Replacement experts in Ottawa and get it firmly fixed.

Windshield making any sort of noises is one of the biggest and the most common signs of it being not efficiently fixed. If you are hearing these noises, please don’t wait a minute before getting the windshield fixed.

2) Water leakage from the windshield: An efficiently installed windshield never allows moisture, dirt, etc. to enter into any part of the vehicle. If you notice any of them entering your car, the windshield isn’t installed correctly.

Water leakage purely means that the adhesive used to fix the windshield is weak and not up to the mark. If it is the case with you, your windshield won’t be able to provide you with any safety if any collision occurs.

Thus, we highly advise you to take your car to a wash immediately after the windshield installation and verify that there’s no leakage whatsoever.

3) Windshield extending the edges: Your car’s windshield must fix the frame correctly. If your windshield extends from any of the edges, it is a strong sign of a poor installation.

An extending windshield can never be trusted as even the slight pressure can cause it to get damaged.

Thus, if you notice the windshield extending the edge, you might have to consider realigning it.

4) Presence of old adhesion: It’s necessary to remove the old adhesive glue completely to ensure the efficient installation of the new windshield.

Only the complete removal of the old adhesion will ensure that your new windshield is fixed efficiently. Any experienced technician will always remove the old adhesion completely, and then proceed to install a new windshield.

If you notice that the old adhesion is still visible, your windshield might be installed incorrectly, and you may have to get it fixed.

5) The company not giving quality assurance: Certain car owners hesitate to ask for quality assurance when they get their windshield installed.

However, this is a major mistake that they make. The company won’t ever back out on giving the quality assurance if the windshield they are installing is certified and of high quality.

Thus, it’s your right to ask for quality assurance, and at the same time, it’s the company’s duty to give the same. If you aren’t being given that, you might consider moving on to the other company.

These are some major signs of an inefficient car windshield installation. If you notice any one of them, you need to be quick to visit the professionals and get your windshield fixed.

However, if you want to ensure an efficient installation, do reach out to our Auto Glass Replacement expert team in Ottawa. With us, you can stay assured of the quality and services. To connect with our team, call us at 613-234-9111.

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