7 myths cleared about windshield repair & replacement

The windshield is undoubtedly one of the most important parts of your car. Windshield damage not only brings increased costs for you but also compromises your safety. Of course, you cannot delay windshield repair at all. However, there are certain myths about windshield repair & replacement that are needed to be answered. Our windshield chip repair team in Ottawa exactly does that.

Reading this blog becomes extremely important to you to get clarity on several aspects of windshield repair & replacement.

What are the top myths about windshield repair & replacement?

Check out the top myths about windshield repair & replacement below and ensure that these myths don’t occupy your mind.

7 myths about windshield repair & replacement

1) Minor cracks can be left unrepaired: Never! You by no means can leave the minor cracks unrepaired. Remember, minor cracks grow with time, and it might increase your expenses, or even lead you to windshield replacement.

Thus, whenever you notice even a small crack on your windshield, ensure that you get it fixed on an immediate basis. Repairing minor cracks on an initial level itself will save a considerable cost for you.

2) You can repair your windshield yourself: You absolutely cannot! Until and unless you are a professional, you cannot repair a car’s windshield by yourself.

Repairing your car’s windshield on your own would increase the damage level and thus increase the repair cost.

Windshield repair & replacement demands professionals. Our auto glass replacement Ottawa team strictly advises you not to repair car windshield by yourself.

3) Only heavy rocks can damage your car’s windshield: Well, you simply cannot ignore the damage level that debris and tiny dust particles bring alongside them. If you allow the debris to settle on your car’s windshield, the damage is bound to happen.

Never allow debris to settle on your car’s windshield for a prolonged time period. Keep on cleaning your car’s windshield with warm water at regular intervals to keep it clean.

4) Every windshield repair company is the same: No, it’s not. Some companies charge a huge price, but use low-quality products, while some companies like Auto Glass Ottawa are extremely reasonable with pricing, but deliver top-notch products and services.

Thus, ensure that you do efficient research about the company you desire to go with before you select one. Remember, every windshield repair & replacement company is never the same.

5) Windshield repair always increases your premium price: Most vehicle owners think that the windshield repair or replacement increases the premium price, which ultimately increases their cost.

However, that’s not always the case. Your premium amount majorly depends on the number of insurance claims you file along with the insurance company you go with. It’s always wise to confirm these things from your insurance company, rather than having absurd thoughts in your mind.

6) Windshield repair & replacement eat a lot of your time: Yes, if the damage is major, and if the windshield demands replacement, it demands a considerable amount of your time.

But, in case of minor damage, it doesn’t take much time for the professionals to repair it. You can also use mobile services to save your time and get convenient services. If you are delaying your car windshield repair due to this myth in your mind, it’s high time to throw it out of your mind.

7) Windshield repair is always expensive: Remember, the cost of your windshield repair will always damage on the extent of the damage.

Yes, the major damage or the windshield replacement would cost more, but if the damage is minor, the repair won’t take much money from you.

These are some myths that you must throw out of your mind if they are giving you a sense of confusion.

Rest, if you are looking to get your windshield repaired or replaced, do reach out to our windshield replacement Ottawa team at 613-234-9111. Just give us a call and get our quick and efficient services.

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