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  • What happens if you don’t get your windshield replaced on time?

    If you don’t get your windshield replaced on time, several consequences can arise:

    Reduced visibility: Cracks or chips in your windshield can obstruct your view of the road, impairing your ability to see clearly and increasing the risk of accidents.
    Structural weakness: Over time, cracks can spread and weaken the structural integrity of the windshield. […]

  • Top things to keep in mind while hiring windshield replacement services

    The windshield is the most important element of your car. The windshield is responsible to maintain your safety, which highlights the fact that any sort of delay when it gets damaged is simply unacceptable.

    However, if the damage on your windshield is major or if due to any reasons, you delay the windshield repair, windshield replacement […]

  • Different types of windshield glass

    When driving, safety has to be your priority. The windshield is one part of a car that plays an important role in ensuring your safety while you drive. Hence, no matter what, windshields can never be compromised.

    It is important for the car owners to know different types of windshield glass to ensure that the glass […]

  • How do you get the windshield replacement deductibles waived?

    A damaged windshield demands immediate action. Be it repair or replacement, you simply cannot afford any sort of delay in getting the windshield fixed.

    Windshield replacement is usually expensive. Yes, insurance will cut off the costs, but deductibles would still be your part to pay. However, there are always certain reliable ways to ensure that you […]

  • Everything you need to know about windshield scratches

    Getting scratches on your car’s windshield is both frustrating and dangerous. But it’s completely common. However, it’s necessary to get rid of these scratches as soon as possible as scratches really compromise your safety.

    Our windshield replacement Ottawa team highly recommends that you reach out to the professionals on an immediate basis when you notice scratches […]

  • Windshield Replacement Ottawa & Gatineau

    Auto Glass Ottawa is committed to providing superior quality products, installations and customer satisfaction. We are also committed to provide original OEM manufacturer quality and to prove this we offer a lifetime warranty for workmanship and leakage.Your auto glass and windshield repair experience starts with our experienced customer service representative, who will guide you and […]

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    Do you need auto glass repair or windshield replacement for your vehicle in Ottawa or Gatineau? Auto Glass Ottawa Specializes in auto glass and windshield replacement and chip repairs. Our windshield repair Ottawa team is committed to installing high-quality glass and we offer a lifetime warranty for workmanship and leakage.

    Your auto glass and windshield repair […]

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